Panigale First Crash Animation


Made this just for you! The 1199 Panigale first crash photos turned into an animation. South African racer Chris Leeson took first Panigale pole, and now first crash as well.

There’s some kerfluffle about the way it held up (or didn’t) in the wreck. A couple things could be said about this…

This motorcycle is made for performance. It’s made to be ridden, hooliganized, loved… it is not meant to be crashed. Sure, a GSXR might take that quadruple end-over-end flip a little bit better, but will you win the race with it?

Consider when we moved from all metal cars- big honkin’ bricks that would destroy anything that got in their paths, to crumply sedans that kept us alive. What would you prefer, a vehicle that toss you around inside while running over everything? Or one that accordions into nothingness that you walk away from?

What do you guys think? Do you think motorcycles are moving this direction…? Considering the continual efforts to make sport bikes lighter, I believe “frameless” bikes (or something structurally as risky to lose pounds) are the wave of the future.

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