Affiliates & Partners

Support those that support you!

In some form or another, all of these sites/companies/folks have helped MotoLady become what it is today. Because of that, each get a special shout-out to let you all know these are 100% MotoLady approved companies and people.

Parts & Gear Manufacturers, Distributors
  • Burly Brand
    The Dual Sporty project would not have been conceptualized were it not for the folks at Burly Brand. Dangling cool parts for Harleys in front of Alicia was enough for her to cross over to the dark side and do a Sportster custom build.
  • RevZilla
    The single best place to buy gear and moto gizmos on the internet, the MotoLady and Revzilla are official partners. MotoLady gives gear referalls and advice whenever she can, and when those sales transfer over to Revzilla, Alicia gets a nice pat on the back.
  • Biltwell
    Having donated awesome stuff for countless MotoLady parties, raffles, and giveaways… the Biltwell crew is on MotoLady’s short list of super good guys.
Individual Artists & Craftsman
  • Jeff Yarrington
    Alicia met Jeff because she posted his green Ural Cafe Racer to the original MotoLady site early, when it was still on tumblr and in it’s beginning stages. Since then they’ve become good friends who speak regularly, running crazy ideas by each other and helping each other from coast to coast.
  • Silver Piston Jewelry
    Steve West is an amazing craftsman and creative force, which is why Alicia is happy to collaborate with him as an artist to offer the ‘Road Saint’ ring, Indian Head penny ring, and more.
  • Wolf Designs
    Jeff Wolf has been a long time supporter of Alicia’s work both in and out of the shop. Together they’ve created some cool custom stuff, Wolf acting as a mentor and teacher as Alicia learns the ins and outs of fabrication, as well as designs on some of the MotoLady apparel.
  • Spectre Apparel
    Bryan Johnson has been a MotoLady supporter for a long time- so it’s no wonder they teamed up when Alicia moved South to California. Spectre Apparel now provides all the screenprinting for MotoLady Apparel.
  • Inked Iron
    A huge supporter of the women’s motorcycle movement, Matt Allard, owner/artist of Inked Iron, met Alicia in Eureka, CA at the MotoEnvy show. Since then, the two have collaborated on a set of prints which were showcased at The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, OR in early 2016. Available online here: MotoLady + Inked Iron Prints
Lady Riders
  • The Moto Quest
    Aileen is the star of the Moto Quest website, as well as the one who dreamt it all up. Her zeal for riding and networking with ladies across the globe led her and Alicia to e-meet long before the quest began.
  • LeahStunts
    Leah Petersen is a stunting motolady who lives in California, but has traveled all over the world. She’s down to earth, beautiful, and a lot of fun.
  • GT Moto
    Sofi Tsingos is the creator of GT Moto, a Texas located custom shop that builds awesome cafe racers. Sofi also has GT Cafe for Cause, which builds bikes and raffles them off for charities to help cancer awareness, research, and treatment.
Builders & Shops
  • Classified Moto
    John Ryland met Alicia at the One Motorcycle show in February of 2014 and they were instant friends. Joking about the “No Touching” sticker on Pandora and commiserating about the long trek to snowy Portland. Since then, he’s given her lots of advice and even some awesome shop hand-me-downs.
  • Deus ex Machina
    The folks at Deus Emporium in Los Angeles have extended their good will to Alicia and the MotoLady site more than once. Most notably donating use of their beautiful shop space in Venice Beach for the MotoLady Three Year Anniversary Party in January of 2014.
  • British Customs
    Specializing in fine Triumph parts, JP and Jason at British Customs have been supporters of MotoLady for some time. Lending a hand when they can, helping with cross promotion.
Websites, Blogs, & Magazines
  • Silodrome
    James McBride, editor and creator of the Silodrome website, has supported the MotoLady site for quite some time. Extending technical assistance, helping brainstorm articles, and featuring gear reviews for cross promotion.
  • BikeEXIF
    Chris Hunter helped Alicia with the creation of the MotoLady site from the very beginning, lending advice when needed via email.
  • Sportbikes Inc Magazine
    A constant supporter or MotoLady, Alicia writes articles and photographs events for SBI regularly.
  • Cafe Racer XXX
    Without Sasha at Cafe Racer XXX, Alicia may still have never visited the East Coast. In 2012, Sasha flew Alicia over to photograph the Saint Motor Company custom Triumph named Tesla for Pipeburn.
Good Folks to Know
  • Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys
    “If you go down, call Russ Brown!” I had heard of Russ Brown, Koro, and Romag years ago… but until I lived in California I didn’t get to see just how involved in the motorcycle industry they are. They sponsor events, help riders, and generally make the moto-world a better place. If you ever need legal help, give ’em a ring.