so im thinking of buying a use 2005 Buell Blast for my first bike, im 5’2 and 100 lbs thoughts?

Since I don’t personally know much about this bike, I can only go off what I read in the specs I found online (such as on


It’s a petite and light weight bike- 360 lbs dry (without fluids and gas) and has a low seat height of 27.5 inches… with an optional low profile seat that takes it down another two or so. These two things are going to make it a comfortable bike for someone with a shorter inseam, and also light enough that it won’t feel too cumbersome to you.

As for power, it seems pretty tame from what I can tell. At 34 HP, it’s probably a decent place for you to start. Since I’ve never ridden one I can’t really speak to the quarks of the bike for a new rider, but from other reviews online it seems that it’s a really fun and simple bike to ride. It gets really good gas mileage (or so they claim at 68 MPG) which is always a bonus. I also have no idea how these things act mechanically, if they’re a money pit for maintenance or what have you. 

But all the being said, a single cylinder 500cc (ish) light weight and petite motorcycle isn’t a terrible idea for you. But make sure you get formal training through your local motorcycle safety / training organization and for the love of god, buy proper motorcycle gear! Full face helmets are awesome, and so is having proper armor in pants and jackets. 

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