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The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) recently launched the Get Women Riding campaign.

The Get Women Riding campaign is designed to help welcome ladies into the sport with a series of videos, online content, and a Ladies’ Day (May 9) event for new riders in Ohio at the AMA headquarters. “First, we’ve put together four videos — public service announcements — that promote riding to women by women,”AMA Board of Directors Chair Maggie McNally-Bradshaw said. “These videos focus on the sport, camaraderie and individual enjoyment that comes from riding. We encourage all of our members and partners in the industry to share them and help spread the word.”

A few months ago Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo contacted me about being part of this video project, and I of course was more than excited! So one sunny day in SoCal, Jamie and Carlos rode over to Ventura from LA. We had lunch at Saloon BBQ, one of my favorite places to take friends in the area, then took off for some riding footage and whatnot. We took some photos along the way.


The Get Women Riding: MotoLady video, released a few days ago on the AMA website and social media, is featured with amazing women including Shelina Moreda, Sara Price, and the East Side Moto Babes. I am honored to have been chosen for the AMA Magazine cover associated with the campaign, photographed by BobbyDoRight in Ventura, CA.


And now, for video of me being the goofball I truly am.

Finally, after over a year, video of me riding the Monster. Thank you to the AMA and MotoGeo for including me in this project- I am absolutely honored. Plus, now I can officially say I’ve been in a Public Service Announcement.

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