Quite the take! And beautiful.


My buddy Greg came through and pretty much gave me an entire shop. A lot of these tools are antiques, he said they’d just been sitting and he’d like to know they would be getting some use. Some people will just blow you away with kindness. Going kinda from top to bottom, he gave me: 3 antique English saws, antique drawknife, a set of lathe chisels, antique Stanley 45 plane that’s still in the original box with all of its parts and blades, Yankee no 130A spiral ratchet screwdriver, a set to sharpen and fix up saw blades, a table saw with a 5hp motor that all of that stuff is resting on right now, about a dozen woodworking books, a lathe, 2 routers, a really nice old jointer (in the last picture), and a planer which you can see behind that. Absolutely incredible. Now I just need to set everything up and clear out some more space. He also gave me a $5,000 solar generator that can power an entire house, that’s not in any of these pictures though. So cool.

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