A)Having to have a Tumblr acct to assign a name to any of my messages makes me feel like a creeper as I dont have one and therefor am forced to be resigned to “anonymous.” But, alas, I’ll live. B)I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Pintrest. It seems like the sort of site you would enjoy based on the formatting of your blog. In either case, I find a heap of my “Life’s a Ride” section of my acct comes from your site & I’d like to thank you for your inspiration. Please, keep it up.

Firstly… thanks for writing!

A) Tumblr ask form doesn’t allow you to include links, but you can always use the submit page… then you can your email or whathaveyou. Or you could leave a comment on any of the pages with a plethora of logins (disqus, facebook, etc). Or you can email me… just delete the spaces out of this address and bam -> alicia @ themotolady.com
B) I am aware of pinterest, though I have not used it very much. Mostly because I’ve already got about 800 other sites I use and don’t know if it does anything different than the others. 

On that note- MotoLady is actually going to be released on it’s own platform soon enough, so you won’t have to worry about the limits of Tumblr!

I have no intent of stopping, and always welcome feedback… so again, thank you for writing!

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