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Alicia Mariah Elfving

Alicia is the founder and editor of the MotoLady website. She is a freelance designer, photographer, writer, and journalist.

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Women’s Motorcycle Show 2019 Review

With more space, 3,500 attendees, 21 motorcycles, three bands, and an amazing raffle… this was the best Women’s Motorcycle Show yet!

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Women’s Motorcycle Show 2019

Details for the fourth annual Women’s Motorcycle Show are here!

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MotoLady + Stories of Bike FASTER (video)

Stories of Stories of Bike. The entire saga of FASTER, the MotoLady + Monster story, season 3 premiere of Stories of Bike from Cam Elkins.

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A Motorcycle Road Trip Gone Wrong– Plus Justice

Vasilisa Komarova took a dream motorcycle road trip. Camping in Bolivia she was attacked by three men with machetes, raped, and left for dead. “We have to stand up to the abuse and never lose hope.” Read the story and find out how to help.

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Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2018

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas, takes place during the Moto GP weekend each year.
Combining the influx of motorcyclists from across the globe with a hundred beautiful custom motorcycles by some of the best builders in the industry… it’s not to be missed!

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International Female Ride Day 2018

Twelve years ago Vicki Gray of Motoress started the International Female Ride Day! This year, it takes place today, May 5th. I collected a bunch of my favorite photos I’ve taken over the years of women motorcyclists to share with you in celebration!

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Licari in Los Angeles

Photos from visiting my mechanic and building buddy Adam James Licari in Los Angeles, California.

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Visiting Honda HQ

Hello from Honda HQ in Torrance, CA! The Rebel gets it’s 500 mile service, and I get a tour.

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Women’s Motorcycle Show 2018 Bike Gallery

*Makes motion lifting black curtain with a puff of smoke* VOILA! The 2018 Women’s Motorcycle Show bike gallery has arrived!

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Women’s Motorcycle Show 2018 Photo Booth

Women’s Motorcycle Show photo booth gallery from Julio Bustamante is here!

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