BLACK MASS Custom Chopper Show

Sometimes I look at my life and get slapped in the face by gratefulness. Look at these beautiful ladies I got to arrive to BLACK MASS with! Like the Charlie’s Angels of the motorcycle world. Stormie Ray, Jada Noriyuki, and myself. 


I’m a bit behind in bloggery, so this event is actually from October 26th, 2012. Better late than never, right? Photos of all the lovely bikes and such behind the cut… 

The Bridge City Cycles bike was quite lovely. 

It was really quite packed so I hung outside for a while until it calmed down a little bit. There were some cool things to look at out there too.

The spirit of choppers filled the entire space. 

This one was my personal favorite. Good lines. 

And another great one from MotoFactory. 

A skull models a Bell helmet. 

Dave Buchanan‘s bike in the corner. “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!”

And Dave gives me a funny look.

Thanks for the hand, dude.

Outside there was suddenly a realization of the abundance of denim. Photo evidence was required.

I could go on with photos forever (well, for a long time) but how bout you just take a little hop skip and a jump over to the flickr album/photoset with all 43 shots?

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