The last of my Canada adventure riding the Explorers’ Edge… Top to bottom, left to right. We got rained out pretty hard at the end of the trip, torrential downpour on the freeway. My rain pants turned out to be a little too short (testing on the road, sometimes stupid of me) and despite being snapped tight around the outside of my boots, failed and wicked water to my pants and into my boots. Riding with about an inch of water kind of sucked, but we headed to the hotel and got warm in awesome new sweaters. 

The team of riders was a great one- we had Graeme Jones from Inside Motorcyles Magazine, David Burbach from RoadRunner Magazine, and Ron Keys from Motorcycle Mojo. I really couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to ride with, we had a great time on and off the bikes. Amazing conversation, and very knowledgeable people. 

We arrived at the hotel in Gravenhurst, did some more photo and video, and hit a great small steak house called Andreas. Flambe at the table, baked potatoes, and whiskey! It was a good end to the evening. 

My Chrome Industries Niko bag that I picked up just before flying out served me amazingly well, taking stress off carrying gear in rain as well as getting me through airport security with ease. 

See you soon, Portland!

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