Monster Project: Phase 14

What do you think when you hear the word ‘kush’? Well, a lot of things come to mind- none of which are little rubber devils of epic immovability. That is what I came to think of my Monsters kush drive rubbers. They refused to be dislodged! I sense a theme for the Monster Project

Anthony at Bridge City Cycles and his guys took a crack at it, I used a giant slide hammer at MotoCorsa, Kevin Lake (one of our Master Techs) gave it a quick go, and Miles English (our parts guy) also went at ‘em. No budge without dremmeling or drilling.

So after the last attempt to dislodge them from behind with a hammer and punch… Miles told me about drilling around them to free the inner bits. I charged up the drill and revisited them the next night.

Please note: I have/had no idea what I was/am doing (and I don’t claim to). Check out my sweet milk crate and life jacket ghetto-fabulous set up. Also note the tap and die kit that happens to has drill bits. Apparently that’s weird? I don’t know, I picked it up last month when I broke a bolt off in Justins engine. haha.

Yes, this is how ladies how secure the wheel while we drill into rubber when we don’t have something to hold down the wheel. Don’t judge me!

I did some drilling and had some false hope it was going to be a magical trick that let them free. It was a bit messy at first and still no luck gettin’ the little buggers out.

After I drilled holes all the way through and around the rubber, and got a decent amount of extra give out of them… I decided to try’n whack ‘em out from behind again.

The face of, “WHY WON’T YOU COOPERATE?!”

It didn’t work. At this point I went kind of bat-sh*t crazy on it and drilled it to death. I did this all while screaming, “SUBMIT TO ME!” of course. Ok but really, I even used some intense clippers to cut through the rubber. It then looked like this:

It seemed as if I would have to give up without any more progress before bed yet again when I busted out some pliers. There was some gripping space from where I had killed that rubber dead.

VICTORY WAS MINE! Do notice the thrashed metal from me drilling like a mad woman…

Take that, b*tch.

Not really though, it was only a small taste of such delicious victory. I’ve yet to get all the others out, and I need to get the outsides out first. Apparently I’ll learn that soon…

To be continued.

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