The winning photo from Day One of Seven Days of Giveaways by Jill Stevens! There were so many good photos (you can see some of my favorites in the Farmer’s Racer the flickr album) it was really tough to pick just one. But because of the amount of stuff, awesome layout, and fun stories Jill included… I had to give this one to her. 

Heres my daily carry rundown.

house keys cadence carabiner, moto key, klein “purse” (a la union electrician family roots, for wallet, lots of bandaids, and lady stuff), pink zip ties (i can still be girly), ray bans, beanie ( helmet hair), phone, communist card (for insurance and registration info), army navy/iron maiden tool bag, with emergency tool kit (hmm,somehow missing a wrench and mini maglite), homemade vegan lip balm and pocketknife.

thanks for the shot, and thanks for all you do!

Jill Stevens

77 yamaha xs650
67 ford ranchero 
64 vespa vnb

Enjoy your new Farmer’s Racer Pack bag, Jill!

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