Hell on Wheels MC Halloween Hill-climb

The Hell on Wheels MC threw another dusty hoedown- the Halloween Hill-climb at the Glen Helen raceway (in San Bernadino, CA) on October 13th!

Tamara Raye danced with her bike in a second attempt up the hill, still somehow looking graceful and poised.

 Nate Hudson and his friend Connette won trophies for Banana and Gorilla Costumes, and then later Tamara wore a sumo outfit.

Awesome is only the beginning of how to describe this.

Vurb Moto covered the event and snapped some really great shots like spiderman on a minibike.

Or Amelia Earhart. 

Santa getting slideways. 

They found Waldo, hanging out with a mysterious bandito…

This photo immediately makes me think of the rejected videos- if you know what I’m talking about you get a gold star. “I AM A BANANA!”

…If only there were a person dressed up as a spoon to go with it.


Someone did indeed make it up the hill, too! haha. 

And remember, kids…

A video of the tomfoolery can be watched here: 

Hell On Wheels Halloweenish Hillclimb from lexiloo on Vimeo.

Check out the full gallery on Vurb Moto’s website, and head over to the Hell on Wheels MC facebook page so you can watch all the craziness they put together in the future. 

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