HelSTAR: Wireless Helmet Brake Light

The HelSTAR wireless helmet brake light system was developed by Third Eye Design to increase motorcyclist’s visibility on the road.

Since brake lights are often hard to see, sitting below eye level for car drivers, sitting in traffic or at a light can be a dangerous waiting game. Putting a tail/brake light on the back of your helmet brings the driver’s eye directly to you.



The current prototype is more bulky than their final design according to their kickstarter. They’ve raised over $14,000 of their $250,000 goal.

David, the president of Third Eye Design, gave me a breakdown on the system-

  • It installs easily on any motorcycle and any helmet.
  • Our patented design is so energy efficient, there is no switch to remember to turn or off. It is always on and ready to go. (It took us 5 years to develop the technology, TI engineers have called it the RF equivalent of a million mile per gallon car – and it is what allows us to offer all the features we have.)
  • Our chipset is fully programmable and simply updated to add features (like brake modulation).
  • We feature ultra-bright LEDs that exceed DOT specifications and are bright even in direct sunlight.
  • Built in diagnostics alert you to any issue like poor communication with the motorcycle or low batteries.
  • Batteries are easily replaced and can last up to a season of riding.
  • The system comes with 2 helmet mounts and easily transfers between helmets.
  • We are proudly made in the USA!


Check out the Third Eye Design website and the HelSTAR kickstarter page.

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