Iron and Resin Visit (Ventura, CA)

Visited Iron and Resin in Ventura, CA today. While I stopped by once before, my exploration of the store was limited by my bladder’s demands so I wanted to go back and take a closer look.

Mainly a retail apparel shop, they also carry wonderful accessories including classy bags, camping equipage, and entertaining baubles. Handy flasks and tool rolls through vintage boots and leather jackets. Bathing suits and surfing stuff, cocktail guides and shot glasses… the list goes on. Seemingly helter skelter but so very well put together, and all fitting a nice beachy mood. Makes sense, being in Ventura and all (which I learned today had a population of just over 100,000). It goes along well with their tagline, “Freedom Riders Supply Co.”

I especially liked the Hunter S. Thompson, “Faster, Faster” art near the entrance.

Iron & Resin website | more SoCal 

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