Monster Project: Phase 5

Moto Lady wrenching on Monster Project

The importance of basic maintenance really shouldn’t be as shocking as it tends to be… This Monster Project bike had sat for over a year- it needed an oil change, the gas drained, and a new chain and sprocket set (among other things). In phase 5 of the monster project I take care of the last of that list and then get to take a ride!

There’s lot’s more pictures and suchlike below…

Had to take the back wheel off, it looks pretty silly.

Just a big vacuous space…

The sprocket looks a little worn, what do you think?

Time to clean up this mess… I am armed and dangerous.

Duuuuude…. Wow. Clean your bike now and again, people.

This is where being foldable really works out in my favor.

I can really get all up in the rear end and clean ‘er out. Uh, what is this…?

My god, so terrifyingly dirty she pees black.

Got her pretty clean.

Took off the chain… I’m really going to give this moto some love. These machines deserve it.

Oh yeah this is going to be super good. OH YES.

Sprocket new old dirty clean

A lot of cleaning still left to do, but this is a good start.

Next up is the back sprocket…

Oooh, ahh… Got the wheel back on, looks pretty good installed. Mmmmhm.

I got a goooold chain!

Takin’ off the extra links…

Gonna keep this thing shinin’ to match the rest of my color scheme.

Oh snap this looks good…

The dirty shit really needed to go.

I think the Monster looks pretty good without a front fender. If it weren’t such a rainy area I would leave it off. Instead I’ve asked Jeff from Saint Motor Company to see if he can do something cool with it…

After this excellent maintenance sesh, I kicked back and waited for Heath so we could go for a little zip…

Don’t try this at home ladies and gents, riding on a bent front rim is not a good idea. However, the next phase of the monster project was to involve removing the entire front end. So I had to ride it, to gain some perspective.

moto lady monster project

Fixing my helmet hair… haha.

She is going to look sooo so different after the ivory paint job.

Next phase of the project- removing the entire front end to get to the triple clamps so the monster steering stem can be pressed into a set of 748 triples so I can use my new forks. 🙂

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