Montgomery Motorcycles, San Clemente

Today I went up to San Onofre and San Clemente to visit my friend Justin who runs the Peanut Butter Coast blog. He’s down from Seattle with his friend Chris on a surfing adventure road trip dubbed ‘The Peelgrimage’. After food, he showed me a cool motorcycle shop he had stumbled upon, Montomery Motorcycles. 


San Clemente, with a small population of some 60k people, caught me off guard with the super cool vintage motorcycle shop. It’s only about an hour from San Diego, but I didn’t know of much going on there besides nice surf.


They had a wide variety of bikes- old BSA, Ariel… This lightning 650 was in rather immaculate condition. Makes sense, as they built a whole second story onto the building and are doing restoration and service up there.


An old 1936 Ariel LG 250 colt in good running condition with right side shift.


An old AJS under the Indian sign, just inside the front doorway. 

They had a Ducati Hypermotard, Honda Dream, some UJMs…

Really, there was so much to look at…

They even let me sit on this poor, messed up ‘bobber’ Triumph. The tank and seat were falling off, I guess someone had tried to do some things to it and hadn’t really finished the job. At first glance it sure was pretty, though. 

Not to mention the really scary exposed primary which would probably take part or all of your limb off.

Super awesome 650 Kawasaki Scrambler! Want!

Justin checking out fancy glasses next to the moto logo cut outs. 

Honda CB350 with ape hangers anyone? Haha… looked pretty silly. 

Lots of great antique signs and other goodies. 

Here we have a late Sun 1020 Electronic Diagnosis Engine Tester from the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. 

Motorbikes everywhere!

A Chinese Ural knock off in the parking lot with cool reversed levers. 


More interesting stuff. 

Definitely pop by for a visit if you get a chance! (

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