Bonneville 2012 BUB Trip Part 1

Well, I’m in Utah now…

Justin took this photo of me before I went into the airport TSA security zone… wearin’ my hat for the flats and moto boots to avoid shoving them in my checked bag (with all my other gear).

Pacific Northwestern beauty on the way out… I was not supposed to turn on my camera at this point in the flight… Such a rebel!

Entering the desert lands… so freaking pretty! Since I’m very used to the lush greenery of Portland and Seattle, I really really love seeing this stuff.

‘Bout to land in Salt Lake… can you tell?

A moto friend of mine (met through the facebooks, oh dear!) Adrian Capurso came to pick me up at the airport. He graciously offered his truck and a bike to borrow while I’m in town. We drove around SLC for a little bit so I could take some photos of the environs.

I spotted some beautiful old cars at a park so we pulled over and I went galavanting over with my camera. Two of the old coots were kind of grumpy, but this one guy Lou was really rad. He’s had this 1930 classic for 51 years- since he was 19! He asked if I wanted to get in and have a pic… well of course! Thank you kind sir.

I’ve got to be honest, coming from a state with pretty strict helmet laws… it is absolutely nutzo to se 90% of bikers go past with no helmet at all (let alone a total lack of gear in most cases). It seems that in the city… choppers are the majority. Amazingly enough, I saw THREE motoladies in one intersection at once! It was awesome. Except that they weren’t wearing helmets. Scares me a bit…

After some good ol’ “sight seeing” we headed West toward Tooele where Adrian lives to pick up motorcycles and stuff. Note his Borat “I <3 Kazakhstan” sticker.

THE salt lake.

This is one of my favorite scenes ever. HUGE clouds, land that goes forever… makes you want to ride.

I am now sitting in his [pretty freaking rad] garage on a cooler blogging to ze world! (If I may be so bold.) I am also very tired. The coffee is wearing off. With three hours sleep last night and about five all week long… I need to collapse and sleep for a good 10 hours. And that is probably not going to happen.

Looks like we’re going to go take a little moto ride. It’s a little late for me today to go to the flats… the crew is all going to be back in Wendover around 7pm. Honda RC51 time! Dun dun dun… more later. MotoLady signing off.

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