MotoLady website feature in Kustom World Italia magazine- The Women’s Issue February/March 2014 on page 34.

Can’t help but be flattered, plus it’s especially cool that Shasta Smith of the Vintage Monkey is on the cover. 

Rough translation of part of the article- 

The girls of : are ladies, of course, but on two wheels. Elegant Amazons that can be seated on the floor for hours in the garage in front of their iron without fear of oiling their painted nails. … Creator and scorer of the blog is American Alicia Mariah Elfving. Makeup artist, producer, graphic artist, designer, photographer, and for about three years even motorcycle journalist on her blog. In a world that forces us toward specialization, making us lose sight of the overall balance of things, she does not! She prefers to master a growing variety of artistic activity / production whose growing expertise increases the quality exponentially. is the result of many factors, but primarily of her being a motorcyclist and her desire to communicate through words, images and facts that ‘Women were born to ride a bike and the bikes are made to be driven.’ Even with sweetness, I might add!

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