Royal Enfields? ever been on one? I’m gonna guess they are cheap pieces of Indian crap, but there is something about them that just looks super cool. Whay say the Motolady?

I love Royal Enfields. I’ve heard that they’re really fun in other countries on all kinds of back roads, for put-putting around the city here, etc. The first time I heard about these bikes was before I rode, a friend told me about a Diesel motorcycle in Portland someone had converted to bio-diesel. I was immediately in love. 

Back to the classic gas consuming little retro styled motorcycles. Again, I love them. I can’t speak for their reliability, overall ability to be worked on, etc… but I’ve known quite a few people who really dig them as well. While I have overheard non-Enfield owners talking smack about how they’re “made in India, and cheap”, I have never heard a person who actually owns one say that. 

I have not yet been on one but someone offered to let me ride theirs the other day, soo… I’ll go take him up on that and get back to you.

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