Ventura Compound


So in case you missed the other announcements, I’m leaving San Diego for greener pastures- in other words I’m moving up to Ventura (about an hour north of LA) into a bad ass shop / apartment combo and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Yesterday Jeff Wolf and I did some spring cleaning in preparation for my arrival and influx of more stuff. I brought the Harley Dual Sporty project and my tools up a couple weeks ago, and at the end of this week I’ll be moving in all my personal stuff. We’ll be building another work bench with Enrique (the other fella who inhabits the shop and does a lot of wood working stuff) and then it’ll all pretty much be on lock.

It’s nice to have more space for my stuff and have use of a nice clean shop with good quality tools… there’s really nothing like it. Being able to walk 20 feet away and chop, weld, and grind whatever you want… heaven.

I’m finally going to feel home.

The bikes you see are a pretty fun collection, and we’re not even done moving the Monster in! My Honda CB125s project, Enrique’s 1982 KZ1000, his KZ1000 police bike chopper, Wolf’s XS650 chopper, and his CB350 cafe racer project.





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