To Protect and Swerve? Police Officers & Motorcycle Accidents

Protecting yourself isn’t just about a helmet, gear with proper armor, or real rider training… I witness us two wheeled travelers arguing about helmet laws, lane splitting, and so many other 

I saw a video on youtube yesterday that really made me sick to my stomach- it was footage from a rider’s helmet cam that showed him slowing in traffic to allow a car to merge followed by him being rear ended by a police officer. The shocking part? The officer then ripped him a new one, yelling about how he was riding unsafely, when in all reality the motorcyclist was giving ample space and keeping himself in a good line of sight for cars!


Then today, I see the horrific footage on NBC’s website of a police officer just ramming straight into the back of a rider and passenger at high speed on the freeway.

Amy and Corey Waldman credit their helmets for saving their lives- and they’re right. I am actually shocked that they did not incur heavier road rash, as the car looks to be traveling at a high rate of speed (and gaining on them for that matter). 

I for one will be following this story to see what happens to the Police Officer who checks on the damage to his vehicle TWICE while two human beings who HE struck with his cruiser are lying on the side of the road, possibly dead. Watch the video from the Ohio State Highway Patrol dash cam below.

If you’re curious about the other video I mentioned, you can see it below. 

It’s very sad when those who are meant to protect us actually give completely false imformation and use their authority to lie and basically intimidate someone into being quiet. Wouldn’t be the first time. 

So what’s the point of this post? Well, to keep you all aware of what’s going on in the motorcycling world around you. Also to remind you to wear your helmets, gear, and know the laws in your state regarding your personal safety as a rider in traffic encounters. And lastly, this is yet another reason I’m considering adding a helmet cam to my daily riding gear. 

Leave your positive or negative traffic encounters in the comments section!

[ Source: NBC News, The Penn Post ]

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