Monster Project: Phase 11

My process for this phase of the Monster Project included putting on the front end, taking it off, putting it on again… over and over. The object of this was to find out where the triple clamps were hitting the ignition mount, grind it out, and mark where the steering stop needs to go.

Coincidentally this is what I’ve already done over and over, so it was pretty easy. After setting up the frame on the table with some counterweights, I unraveled all the parts that had been covered for storage, relubed, and began reassembly. First step, triples.

Next up, fork tubes.

The right one was a major bitch to get into place, so I carefully used a screwdriver to pry apart the lower triple an extra millimeter… it worked well. Next I tightened all the screws gently because I knew I was going to have to take it all apart again.

At this point we looked at the space where the triples from the 748 touch the ignition mount on the Monster frame.

We marked it up and Heath took his dremel to it.

It didn’t take long.

Put it all back together to see how much it cleared after the trimmin’.

Turned out perfect.

Next I had to put it all back together, including the clip ons. We had to look at the distance between the bars and the frame (also considering the extra distance for the tank) and mark up where the frame stops need to go.

I’m pretty sure the cold made all this crap really tough to put together because the clip ons resisted me, too. So… I pried.

Aaaand then as often happens when you dismantle an entire bike in 90 minutes… I find out a bolt has been misplaced.

None the less, it looks nice. Almost like a motorcycle again.

I’m imagining what it will look like all put back together, tank painted with matching bodywork… and no instruments at all. It will be… interesting.

Measuring about 2 1/8th inch clearance, we add a spacer and bungee it into place so it’s perfectly still while I mark it.

One side and then the other, it is done.

Put the seat on and compared the marks with the tail chop (which is now less about 6 inches) which still needs a bit of tweaking.

Imagine this riding position!

It it now in the hands of Heath Knapp, an amazing welder… who will be replacing the seat mount, fabricating steering stops, and who has helped with a lot of this project. A lot. I have to give him serious thanks now, even before we’re close to done.

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