Summer is here. PLEASE… ride carefully and wear proper safety gear. Reblog if you love a biker (or your motorcycle). 

What prompted me to make this? Well, for one… the version I’ve seen floating around the internet has a typo and it bugs me. But more importantly: THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS TIME OF YEAR. I know weather is different around the globe but in the past 2 weeks I’ve had multiple friends get hit by cars. 

Heath Knapp (welder/hooligan), a good friend and one of the most integral parts of the Monster Project, was victim of a hit and run in SE Portland recently. The cager left him for dead in the middle of the street, luckily witnesses and caring humans were nearby. He is busted and bruised, but alive and lived to tell the story. Here’s Heath and I dorking out before a ride… I was on his 600RR.

heath knapp welder motorcyclist heathen werks portland oregon

Get well soon Heath, and friends… please ride safe.

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