Announcing the women’s Dirt n’ Dip ride this June 8th and 9th, brought to you by See See Motorcycles!

More info:

  • $25 includes dinner, breakfast, beer, and a camp spot
  • Ride meets at 11a, leaves at 12p
  • Ladies are encouraged to ride, however if you’ll be taking four wheels you are encouraged to car pool. Contact Emily at See See ahead of time if you’re looking to haul a bike in.
  • Bring snacks, beverages (again, beer is provided), and toilet paper
  • The route to Jordan Creek is all paves except the last two miles of well maintained paved road. Be prepared for that if you are riding. 
  • June 9th is an open day for lounging and kicking up dirt in the forest. 

When: June 8-9, 2013 – ride leaves at 12p
Where: See See Motor Coffee Co. 1642 NE Sandy Blvd  Portland, OR 97232

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