Sid and his drunken late night comment happened to win him this one of a kind print from photographer GIles Clement

Sometimes it pays to follow the directions- he signed up for the MotoLady email bulletin and then left a note about how he found the website as directed for Day 5 of Seven Days of Giveaways. A random number then left him victorious!

To be brutally honest, I found you because I was looking for nice wallpapers of real chicks on bikes, rather than photoshopped bimbos. Looked around for a while and I fell in llove with the monster project… And then your whole self, because you seem to be way awsome. And the first aim was fulfilled too because you provide me wirh so many awsome wallpapers I had to put it up as a slideshow because I can’t cope. Fick yeah I’m drunk, I work in a bar to fund my first bike, and just got off work, so yeah! Keep on going because I’ll be following for years. You’re awsome. Hi.

Sid is a pilot in training located in London. You can check out his instagram @sidmondski.

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