Ulysse Speedometer App

The answer to all my Monster Project speedo problems. I have to thank my Justin for finding this on the XJ Bikes Forums.

Last night I downloaded Ulysse Speedometer for my Google phone. It triangulates your position via GPS Satellite and gives you your speed in MPH, KPH, or Knots in either a classic speedo interface, or in an easy to read single HUD setting! Time, compass, average speed, time on the road, and a trip meter all on the main screen.

ulysse speedometer for google phones interface

It can also easily switch into a map mode to give you big easy to read step by step directions, or into a call mode for people who have a bluetooth inside their helmet.

For f*cks sakes, you can even change the color of the entire interface in either HSV or RGB mode. Nerdelicious!

Big thanks to the brilliant guy in this custom Maxim XJ Forum post who did this- I am stoked beyond belief to be able to keep the Monster looking clean and finding a ridiculously cheap ($2.25) way to keep track of my speed and miles.

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