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Thor’s 60k Jump

…for science! Or… for the love of moto! Or simply because it’s fun to do things that aren’t maybe the best idea. Either way, Thor raised $50,000 to bring some amazing books to print… two years of the One Motorcycle Show. To entice investors, he said he’d jump over them for another 10k. He got it. Today, he jumped ‘em.  The ramp said it all.  After a few practice jumps and wheelies… and burnouts…  It was time.  Thor is victorious. And he should be. The wheels of that dirtbike are, how you… Continue Reading »

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Thor (of See See) Jumps for 60k & the One Moto Books

Remember the posts about helping fund the One Motorcycle show books kickstarter project? Well, the crew hit their mark… so Thor upped the stakes by agreeing to “jump over all the people who pledged” if they hit 60k before time was up. Happily for us, they made it! If you’re in the Portland area you should come down to Club 21 (2035 NE Glisan St.) tomorrow (Wednesday Apr 3rd at 5p) and witness Evil Thornievel jumping a bunch of folks.  Check out the (fully funded!) kickstarter project page here… and info about the jump… Continue Reading »

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