Top Dead Center Motorcycle Show

Sometimes you really have to love social media. Scrolling through facebook I saw this lovely graphic for the Top Dead Center motorcycle show. Motorcycles? Free beer? DJ? Ehem, yes please!

‘Twas about 7pm when I arrived, beautiful sunset golden hour in downtown Portland. There was a slight line out the door as we waited to write our names down on the free raffle tickets for a Chrome bag. 

Bikes lined the street outside, no where near to capacity. It filled up more later, but this show was definitely circled by some hipsters enjoying the free beer as well. 

The Chrome store where it took place actually opened very recently. A DJ booth blares from the upstairs, and bags line the walls and hang from a clothing conveyor.

A small space, there were five motorcycles crammed in here with all the people. An amazing feat. 

The bratty chopper was my favorite. I actually saw this bike a couple days later and couldn’t place where I knew it from. Haha, dumdum.

Definitely a well organized store. Their marketing is obviously heading the right direction for the Portland lifestyle, too. Free beer and raffle? UHWUT?! Count me in.

Beautiful rear sets on this li’l custom railer.

Another chopper sat up top the stairs, definitely much more exaggerated than the other design-wise.

And an appearance from the See See Motorcycle face, as per the usual. 

Outside there were some beauties to look at, too.

This gorgeous cafe is the work of Tony Sonik Miyamoto, a good friend of mine.

And a gorgeous restored Honda, owned by Bill Purcell.

A Pacific Northwest motorcycle clubby group I’m in called Rockers NW has been taking over these events recently. Here they are all about to take off to go grab food, the plan was to meet at Rose & Thistle. I hung back to take some photos of them taking off. 

The beautiful Stefani Murray taking off on her Honda, also built by Tony.

Bikes in a row outside Rose & Thistle. Happiness is in effect. 

Good food, good friends, beautiful bikes… great night.

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