Flashback Friday: Touratech Troublemaking

fbf-2013-06-29 19.45.00 HDR

A year ago I found myself a couple of rad troublemaker motoladies. I actually never shared the super fun photos of Karissa, Angel, and I riding minibikes at the Touratech ADV Moto Rally last year (which is going on right now and I so wish I was there). We got yelled at and chased across the camp- when Karissa and Angel looked back and said “Let’s get out of here!” I couldn’t help but follow. I mean, come on… I’m usually the bad influence.

I don’t care what hate you spray at me, there’s something so cute about girls riding minibikes in skirts!

As most of you are aware, I lean much more toward the ATGATT style of riding than I do the freedom ride/fuck it sort of persuasion. That being said, I’ve written about past experiences including maiming myself on the z50 minibike because I didn’t put knee armor onriding the KZ125 in 98°F before throwing all my gear off and taking a couple freedom laps with no gear at all, and many more.

Sometimes I throw caution to the wind, and sometimes I actually struggle with whether or not to post it-  I don’t want to be a “bad influence” or honestly, listen to all the haterade drinkers tell me how I’m going to have road rash. Yeah, I know. If you don’t agree with my hooligan fun-having, then just go ahead and close this page right now. For the following photos will just offend your delicate sensibilities!

When Karissa rode up next to me and realized I had my camera out, she made a pretty adorable face.

2013-06-29 19.43.53

Angel wasn’t surprised.

fbf-2013-06-29 19.44.02 HDR

And yeah, this would be a minibike motion selfie with no helmet. SORRY NOT SORRY!

2013-06-29 19.45.47

2013-06-29 19.45.18

We were only allowed to ride the minibikes back into camp when we promised we would “never do it again”. Shame on us…. right?

We did however have our motorcycle boots on. Whew.

2013-06-29 19.26.47 HDR

Nathan Slabaugh got this fun polaroid of us which still makes me smile every time I see it.


Check out the original Touratech ADV Rally 2013 post about me learning to really ride on dirt for the first time.

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