Motorcycle Smile


Sometimes you just have to enjoy a photo for what it is- a mood and moment in time captured for as long as the data lasts on paper, on your harddrive… get over your judgements.

Her smile, that motorcycle smile, it shows the joy we all know so well. It’s that moment, that feeling, that happiness… freedom.

It’s not news to anyone that I’m a bit of a gear freak- I wear shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, and shin armor every time I ride. I’m a fan of full face helmets. But I remember the 96 degree (F) day in Portland last summer, after I’d lapped the small field on the two smoker KZ125 at Chris’ house quite a few times… I was dripping with sweat. I rode into the yard, peeled off all my gear and threw it to the ground. I lapped the field a few times wearing pants, boots, a tank top, and nothing else. It was glorious, yes, yes I’ll admit. 

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