This is what your site looks like on all my devices except my phone. I have noticed that a number of tumblrs look the same way. Seems that a number of those are using the brutal simplicity theme (whatever that is). Opened it this morning and it looked great. This afternoon it’s back to crap.Not to worry however runcible spoons have not kept me from perusing all posts. Just wondering if it’s only me or has anyone else been experiencing this for about the last week?

A barely computer literate follower – Cole

Thanks for the specification on the website viewing problems, man! So, the only thing I can conclude from this is your browser(s) are out of date and/or you have some sort of plug-in installed on said browser(s) that’s complicating your view of certain tumblr things. Chrome has never given me a problem, so I’m not a huge help. Sorry! 🙁 

That being said, soon enough I’ll no longer be on tumblr. Can’t wait!

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