MotoLady Seven Days of Give-aways… and day three is an exciting one! It’s just getting better and better, right? In case you missed the memo, I’m doing this as a thanks for being awesome and reading the blog. There’s still four more days to go, and the clock is ticking on past submissions so go go go!

Day 3, Wednesday: Pick up a perfectly pink Icon Airmada helmet– super safe, comfy, and this one is HI VIS! The Airmada is my personal favorite and the helmet I wear on the regular– it’s got great ventilation, the shells are petite even for smaller sizes, they’re light and don’t fog easily. So now’s your turn, folks with an affinity for pink who wear a Medium… step right up!

What do you have to do to win? Not as much as you’d think- get out that point and shoot or smart phone or yours and take a photo that shows how much you love PINK. And MOTORCYCLES. I mean hell, maybe you even have a pink motorcycle. Make it interesting though, people are getting pretty creative with their submissions. Either email it to me ([email protected]) or use the handy submit page

Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 11:59pst. Announcing winner: Wednesday, September 4rd, 2013. Winner is responsible for shipping costs.

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