WIN THIS STUFF! I’m asking a favor / bribing y’all with a little giveaway; The shop I’m at here in San Diego, Cerberus Motorcycles, is a very unique place of business. It’s a restoration shop, a place where you can come get maintenance done, and most beneficial for everyone else… a co-op where you can come work on your own bike! 

Simply put, we’ve applied for a small business grant from Chase Mission Main Street Grants. We need 250 votes by the 15th of November, that’s only three days away!

TO WIN the sweet MotoLady Gas Mask Bandana and Cerberus pint glass:

1) Help us get the rest of the votes, it takes two seconds! Click here and hit vote!

2) Share this pic from the ML facebook page by clicking here and following the directions (if you don’t vote too, you won’t be entered to win the goods).

You’re entered, that’s it!

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