Thought this might make for an interesting post: My fellow motoladies here in Cincinnati are at odds with Alpinestars re’ the marketing of their newest (& most bad ass) womens’ apparel line. The video for alpinestars Vika line debuting the gear is sensual and sexual! It’s ridiculous. Hot, but ridiculous. After writing the AS, I am happy to report, they were super responsive and open to input/adjustment. Anxious to start a design taskforce over here, interested? Best, Alissa

Hi Alissa,

You know I’m always down to help motoladies in whatever way I can… but what do you propose instead of their current form of advertising? Do motoladies not want to be sexy as well as have the same protection men do when it comes to gear?

Also, you didn’t leave any contact info. Please send me an email if you’d like to talk. alicia [at] 

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