Austin Ride to Mad Max Fury Road


Jenell Vollmer (front) sporting a big cow skull

What better way to celebrate the release Mad Max Fury Road than to dress up and ride to the movie en mass?

Daniel Nguyen, Krystal Hess, and Gino Troy put together a ride with some of their friends in Austin, Texas on Sunday following the Friday release. Everyone got into character (in one form or another), decorating their bikes and bodies with nods to the whole Mad Max mood. Skulls, guns, lots of leather, football armor and more.

I saw the movie this weekend as well, and was definitely impressed! When I first heard they were making another Mad Max, I tried to keep an open mind and not get too caught up in what the originals were when going to see the movie. It exceeded all my expectations! I don’t want to spoil anything for y’all, but I will definitely be covering more of the movie later.

Please note- this is in a state where there is no helmet law, and some of these folks aren’t wearing “full” motorcycle gear. Please move on past that and enjoy the photographs by Daniel Nguyen!



Lady riders at the Mad Max Fury Road ride

Lady riders in the Mad Max Fury Road ride at Yellow Jacket Social Club in Austin


Dorian Pitt on her vintage Honda



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3 Comments for “Austin Ride to Mad Max Fury Road”

  1. David Yeater says:

    Point of fact, Texas DOES have a helmet law. You must wear a helmet in Texas unless you meet one of two exemptions (1) 21 or older with health insurance that covers motorcycle crashes or (2) 21 or older and have passed an approved Motorcycle Safety Course. Love the outfits. Wish I could get something together like this in Houston.

    • Rider675 says:

      Though to get your license you have to take the MTC so presumably everyone can ride without a helmet (passengers excluded)

  2. AAA says:

    Point of fact, BADASS!