Babes on Motos 5 Recap


Alicia from MotoLady and Jeff from Wolf Designs taking off from Ventura.

Since moving to Ventura, I’ve not had that many opportunities for group rides since I’m an hour North of Los Angeles, and most folks I know are more central to that area. So when friends Misty and Shad Whitten wanted to meet up on their way South from Bakersfield, I was excited to finally get on the road with some other riders and head to the East Side Moto Babes event, Babes on Motos 5. Of course we wake up on Sunday the third of August, the day of the event, to weather warning rain and flooding (this area doesn’t take a little rain very well). But being from the rainy Pacific Northwest, we didn’t let that stop us. Shad and Misty rode to the Ventura compound and we took off toward LA down the coast on Hwy 1.

It “rained” on us a little bit. I put that in quotes because after having been soaked to the bone in Ontario, and commuting 20+ miles to work in Vancouver from East Portland rain or shine, California rain is usually more of a really light mist. Yet it still causes drivers to act like they’ve never seen water fall from the sky. Anyway, I digress. When we arrived at Desano Pizzeria, bikes of all types had already filled the parking lot. So many lady riders with fantastic motorcycles, some custom, others stock and showing good use. Misty and I were directed to get in the photo line, so we pulled our bikes up behind the other motoladies awaiting their moment in front of Shaik Ridzwan’s camera.



Ana from ESMB tells Misty where to go for photos at BOM5.

The motorcycles inhabiting the parking lot were completely different from one bike to the next- sport bikes, vintage restorations, custom what-the-fuck-mobiles and so much more.


Super fun death trap machine.


Awesome bobber.

Photographer Shaik Ridzwan shot each woman that rode to the event- photos to be released. Ladies had a lot of fun goofing off in front of his camera and palling around with their friends.


Misty fixes her hair while Shaik of the Mighty Motor shoots her with her Triumph.


Lindsay didn’t let a busted leg stop her from attending her 5th year in a row.

After the photo line was through, we returned our bikes to their respective parking spots.



Shad’s Ducati Sport Classic, Misty’s Triumph Thruxton, Wolf’s borrowed KZ1000, and my Monster 750.

The East Side Moto Babes, who hosted the event, also had an awesome raffle with some awesome prizes- MotoLady tshirts, Deus goodies, Speed Merchant swag, Red Wing Boots, UglyBROS-usa jeans and more.


With lots of cool giveaway items, most folks who bought raffle tickets won something. Wolf and I walked away with a bottle of whiskey and a lunch with the ladies at ESMB, and Misty made out like a bandit with a gift certificate for Red Wing boots.


This lovely lady scored the MotoLady swag.


A great time was had by all with general tomfoolery, consuming pizza, and trike races.


Kristin Rademacher and Jules Peres.

ESMB also announced their new members! A gorgeous bunch of gals.


The ladies of ESMB.

Misty and I posed for one last photo and we all packed up to head out at the end of the day.


Keep up with East Side Moto Babes’ events on the ESMB facebook page, and take a peek at the photographer Shaik’s website- the Mighty Motor.

Photographs by Alicia Mariah Elfving, copyright 2014. For use and/or purchase use the contact page.

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