Amanda’s Big Sky Country Road Trip


One of my favorite things to see is ladies getting out on motorcycle road trips– either solo or with friends. Motorcycle touring is something I really want to do more of. So for now, I live vicariously through others.

Amanda Zito, an artist in Portland, OR, took her Honda Shadow out on a road trip¬†in ‘Big Sky Country’ also known as Montana. Naturally, this took her through¬†some beautiful areas, including old ghost towns like Granite.


Granite is a ghost town in Granite County, which was built to accommodate settlers in the 1890s who were mining silver up the mountain.


The road to/from Granite, Montana.

“The way down turned out to be much harder than going up… I hit a rather large bump that knocked some stuff off my luggage. When I tried to stop, the ground was much softer than anticipated and I ended up dropping Hephaestus on my ankle on an incline. Luckily lovely people came to my rescue and nothing was seriously injured (me or the bike) so all is well. The road to/from Granite, Montana.”


Follow Amanda’s art on the Blind Thistle facebook, and adventures on instagram @blindthistle.

And psst, check out the past post where I featured Amanda’s tire tread foot tattoo.

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  1. Chris Cope says:

    Where can a fella get himself a pair of those assless chaps?

    Asking for a friend…

  2. Nancy Voss Long says:

    My granddaughter!! So proud of her