Finished DualSporty At Chopperfest 2014


Today was the 11th annual Chopper Festival event in Ventura, California… just a short walk away from the compound in which I live and work! Wolf and I finished the DualSporty Project just in time, and Caroline (the owner of the bike) came to check it out and take it to the show.


The event was super fun, but I’ll go into that later with more photos of the other bikes. This is all about Blondezilla’s Dual Sporty!

There is going to be a photoshoot (or two) with Caroline riding her bike, along with a run down on the bike itself. But a quick run down of all the parts and goodies- Burly Brand (seat, bars, shocks, MX pegs), DP Customs (box exhaust), Biltwell (grips, risers), Boyle Custom Moto (tail light, air intake), Open Road Design (custom engraved points cover), Chainsikle (low sets), Acewell (speedo/tach), and Lowbrow Customs (Sportster belt to chain conversion kit). Another big huge thanks to my partner/collaborator on this project, Jeff Wolf of Wolf Designs who did most of the fabrication on this build. Oh! And of course, he also did the pinstriping.



“Holy Water” Pinstriping details by Jeff Wolf




Stay tunes for more photos later!

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2 Comments for “Finished DualSporty At Chopperfest 2014”

  1. Ur Momma says:

    At 1st I was confused about the build you did for Caroline. Now I get it. Great build – smexy machine.

  2. Sean McTours says:

    DUALicious…the dual grab ass in the fifth photo is perfect too