Video: Hitler Wants A Gixxer (For His First Bike)

Most of us are familiar with the Hitler video meme wherein the english subtitles are changed to humorous banter completely unrelated to the Nazi regime. In this parody video, Hitler wants a GSXR 650 or 1000 for his first bike, and his compadres try to talk sense to him about starting with something smaller and, well, Hitler throws a temper tantrum (naturally). “I want my 180 wheels! I want to beat Ferraris! I will have women pulling the balls out of my pants!”

Just under 4 minutes of amusingly familiar arguments. I especially love, “I have six months of dirt riding experience!”

Opinions about proper choices for a first bike come at you like snowballs on the first snow day of the year when you’re thinking about buying a bike- I want to say I’ve known some people who’ve bought larger sport bikes as their first bike and it hasn’t been a problem. However that being said, most people should probably start small. 

Okay now that my disclaimer is out of the way, my god that was hilarious. 


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  1. Akumu says:

    Glad you liked it.