The Icon Airframe Statistic Helmet

Upon one of visits to Icon’s HQ in Portland, I saw a very cool Airframe Construct with impact statistics labeled on different areas of the helmet. Today, the Icon Airframe Statistic helmet is available to anyone who wants to express (without words) why they choose to wear a full face.


Honestly, I’d just love to have one on display in the shop. It’s a good reminder. Almost 35% of hits are taken straight to the jaw. 

Here’s the first version/proto Airframe Construct helmet from years back.


Amazing to know the top of the head receives so few impacts… seems like it would be more effective to wear a chin protector and no helmet per se, than it would be to wear a ‘skid lid’.  

The Icon Airframe full face is a light weight and airy helmet- great for summer or hotter climates. Huge vents mean lots of airflow, I know from experience (I have the Airframe Construct). 



You can find more photos and technical info, and buy it for $390 on »

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One Comment for “The Icon Airframe Statistic Helmet”

  1. Judy Stroyer says:

    Aaaand this is why I always wear a full-face helmet.