Nina Bowdler’s KTM Duke 390 Scrambler


Nina Bowdler, living in Perth, Australia, has one of the coolest little KTM Duke 390 motorcycles around.

The perfectly petite thumper Scrambler is both classic in styling and modern in performance- ABS brakes, telescopic forks, lightweight frame… etc. Modern performance is mighty fantastic for rideability. Proof that all it takes is a good base bike, imagination, and elbow grease to make a motorcycle what you want. Nina’s husband Yul researched bikes that would fit her small stature, and they ended up picking the Duke 390- “it’s light weight, fast, safe, exciting and new” she said. “I bought the KTM on Good Friday, took it on a 600km country ride a few weeks later, then straight in for the custom build the following day. It took Yul 2 months full time to finish the Scrambler style fun machine.”


Nina added, “Recent changes to the bike has been the pin stripe on the top of the tank, and I’ve dropped the mirrors down so they don’t look so “Mickey Mouse”.  The wheel colour is temporary as I haven’t decided on the powder coat colour. I’m also planning on some new chunky tyres and leather grips, but for now, I’m just enjoying the bike, the ride, and it certainly gets a lot of interest and attention.”

Thanks so much for the submission, Nina!


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2 Comments for “Nina Bowdler’s KTM Duke 390 Scrambler”

  1. Ducati Kid says:


    One nice job!

    Hopefully KTM will offer an ‘AR’ (All-Road) variant of their ‘Duke’ 390 for Global Terrains found on our Planet!


  2. John Sumser says:

    That’s a very impressive build.