Behind the scenes shots from Lanakila‘s shoot yesterday for her ongoing project the Women’s Motorcycle Exhibit (website). She creates portraits of real women who ride, showing their personalities, styles, and passion for motorcycling through medium format film photographs.

The owners of Trophy Motorcycles (vintage European moto shop in San Diego- website), Isaac and Tim, were kind enough to lend out two vintage Triumph desert sleds for the shoot. Isaac picked me up in the AM and we drove out to Temecula in his classy Ford truck.

The drive was lovely, and I can’t thank him enough for taking time away from the shop to let me ride a rad old bike in the photographs for Lana. It was a 1970-ish, with right hand shift, a hair thin clutch sweet spot, geared for dirt, and no kill switch. The kicker was definitely a tricky one for me- everything is a learning experience with motorcycles (one of the things I love about them). Between that and the clutch, it took me a minute to get used to it and everyone got to watch me kick it over about 150 times total. Super cool bike though, I only rode it in the dirt for maybe 20 seconds and got a little weeee moment turning it around (not on purpose, haha).

Back to the above photos- I personally love the one of Lana flashing all her film like an alleyway black-market watch peddler… she’s got color in one pocket and black and white in the other. It was nice to see a friend from Oregon; I might not miss the weather but I do miss my peeps. 

Stay tuned for the photos- I’m beyond excited to see them.

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