L’équipée: Parisian MotoLadies

“L’équipée, des filles de Paris”, which somewhat literally translates to “The Equipped, Girls from Paris” rather, “The Journey, Girls from Paris” (as informed by a fluent French speaking gent, thanks!) is a short video highlighting the feminine wiles of motorcycling women living in France who are about to go on a Himalayan motorcycle adventure on Royal Enfields.


Kickstarting a bike in heels, pretty impressive. Also… muddy burnouts in heels.


Watch the video featuring these Parisian motoladies-

L’équipée facebook

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6 Comments for “L’équipée: Parisian MotoLadies”

  1. Mentalbug says:

    Just a note: “L’équipée” translates more like “the outing” or “the journey” in this context 😉 False cognates can be confusing ^^

    Cheers from Belgium 😉

  2. Kevin says:

    More power to all the women who ride, I love you.

  3. Alice Powers says:

    Thank you for talking about my crazy girlfriends and their crazy trip! 🙂 i’m the one kicking with my blue heel. (it needed few takes but we won’t tell 😉 )

    • Rajat Garg says:

      hey alice !
      looks like you girls love going for trips ! 🙂
      you should definitely try the Himalayas,especially Ladakh……it’s a trip you will never ever forget and will engrave in your soul forever 🙂

  4. Alex Brown says:

    My brother’s done that Himalayan trip. You’re going to have a blast!

  5. yaz_ Andreas Barry says:

    oh,,sht. i wanna bring back alive my motorcycle.