Christina’s Honda Grom “Grompocalypse”


Christina has a great sense of humor, proved by the awesome custom plate she ordered from the California DMV. She also has a pretty rad little Honda Grom motorcycle.


She got herself a Grom because “size isn’t everything!” and has done some fun little customizations to make it her own. She put some street tires with a bit of an off road bite on it, and added MNNTHBX exhaust which she says sounds similar to her boyfriend’s XR600 with Supertrapp exhaust. BRAAP!


Gotta love her humblebrag-

“Pull up to the Rock Store and park next to a Superleggera. Within 5 seconds, there is a crowd of people around the Grompocolypse and no f**ks given about the 60k super bike.”

The Grom is super short, and from what everyone has told me, super fun to ride. I can’t wait to try one!

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Posted on September 2, 2014 in MotoLadies, Motorcycles by

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