Monster Project: Phase 20

So, last we left off… the Monster Project was mostly put back together, and at Heath’s shop for ease of some last major-ish tasks.

The main thing left was refinishing the scraped up engine covers.

They look alright from far away, but up close… kind of bad.

A friend of mine gave me this home made (and totally awesome) cover removal tool… it worked like a charm.

I took notes of where all the bolts went, took reference photos for later reassembly and carried on.

The inner workings sure are pretty to look at.

At that point, I got the engine covers over to Jonah Mezgar so he could sand ‘em down and paint ‘em black. I left the Monster at Heath’s shop so he could do the exhaust. When that didn’t happen when it needed to, I talked to my friend Andrew Cornelissen from Little Horse Cycles about the project and he was excited to help me out and get it done in a timely manner. So I dropped it off at his house out in Hillsboro.

A week or so later, Andrew asked me to come over and check out the mufflers to see if I liked them. Here’s a rough mockup.

By the way, the cans are baby approved.

So I leave, and a couple weeks later get an incoming text with these photos.

The pie cut style corners, upswept undertail pipes. My vision has finally come to life! Well, sort of. Jonah hit me up a couple days later and dropped off my engine covers, with the 90’s Ducati logo removed as well as the scratches (yay)!

Stay tuned for the rest of the Monster build process, step by step style… coming soon.

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