Ten of my favorite photos from last weekend’s 2013 Touratech Adventure Motorcycle Rally.

While I gather all the other photos from the event and photographers, I wanted to share some of the highlights for me. From top to bottom, left to right. (1) Chris and I drove the suburban up through Seattle and East into Plain, unloaded his rented KTM, (2) got the low down on the Husky and (3) went for a ride. I couldn’t help but grin when we got back into camp. (4) Karissa uses the mini bike to get around camp (one of the lovely ladies who fed us all weekend.) (5) A couple of mini bikes tear up the obstacle course / training track at sunset. (6) Angel, Karissa, Justin, myself, and Chris, wet headed in bathing suits on our way back from the river. (7, 8) Shots of my first single track experience- fun rollers on a pretty tight trail. (9) Chris gets a little air with the 990. (10) The Northern Lights appear, allowing me to cross it off my bucket list. 

Much more later, for now… I’m off to another adventure. If you’d missed them, hop over and check out shots of me on the Husky 650 Terra.

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