“Motorcycles Saved My Life”


The most amazing message I have ever received… wow. I got goosebumps.

Thank you for sharing your story, anonymous. Can any of you say “motorcycles saved my life” too?

There was a time in my life when I didn’t think I’d ever fit in or love anything. I decided to kill myself. But while deciding how to, I walked past a motorcycle training centre. I’d always liked the look of motorcycles but never thought I’d be able to afford to ride them. The guy took me in and talked to me, gave me my first lesson for free. He saved my life. I live, because I know tomorrow, I’ll ride.

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  1. Dave Rand says:

    My dad died the day he was supposed to take me flying for the first time. I was only 7 and woke up that summer day in New England to a priest instead of a plane, worst of all, Dad was gone, flew off with out me.

    He look exactly like George Reeves Clark Kent. Soon Superman would capture the hearts and minds off boys my age, for me it was extra special. The combination fixated me on flight. I’m 56 now. I’ve tried almost all forms of flying many times over. Cliff diving, Hang-Gliding, Bungie-Jumping, Scuba, Inline Skates….NOTHING fits flying like a motorbike, always taking off, always landing. Key in and twist, no set up, no breakdown. The world is an airfield. Nothing makes me feel more alive.