Motorcyclist Struck by Lightning on I5

Be careful out there, guys! Depending on where you are, the weather is changing rapidly and it’s been kind of a doozy for riding. In the Pacific Northwest for the last couple weeks you could ride your bike down to meet some friends at a restaurant and it’ll have been sunny and 75° fahrenheit (~23.9° celsius) all day- you’ll walk out an hour and a half later and it’ll be pouring buckets with thunder and lightning!


A 60 y/o motorcyclist was struck by lightning this morning around 9:30a on the I5 freeway in Chehalis, Washington. The amazing part is that the rider is mostly okay. There was some damage to his helmet (pictures following).


Martin Zapalac was traveling some car lengths behind the motorcyclist when “All of a sudden him and his bike lit up, I felt when the thunder came — I felt the concussion of it — it was a pretty good jolt.” 

The rider pulled over to the side of the road, and being a concerned citizen Martin checked on him. He was able to speak but his hair was singed, was disoriented, and had some hearing loss. They got the motorcyclist to a hospital and he is recovering. 


Reports say the rider is still doing well. 

(Photo credits: Seattle Lightning by Jason Foster on flickr, Helmet damage photos from Washington State Patrol)

Source: Komo News

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