Nuviz: Heads-Up Display for Helmets


There’s been a whole lot of hubbub all over the interwebs about the new Skully helmet with Heads-Up Display technology, it’s just gone to production and said to be retailing in the ballpark of $1,400. But, here’s an idea, what if you could outfit your favorite helmet with it’s own HUD technology?

The Nuviz Ride:HUD system does just that. Adds in-view GPS directions, speed, track stats, camera, and so many more functions straight to your helmet of choice.

The data connects with an app on your phone, giving you full control of your rides, mileage, videos, etc. And it looks just like this right in your line of sight.


The device is compact and quite slim, so adding it to the outside of your helmet won’t be like having a cell phone from the 90s strapped to your sleek and sexy helmet.



Seems like the way to go- a device that empowers the motorcyclist with information. No more looking down at your gauges to check your speed, taking your eyes off the road. No more fiddling with GPS on your phone or taping written directions to your tank. The future is here!

Watch the Nuviz Ride:HUD promotional video-

Visit the Nuviz website to learn more about this sweet invention. I for one can’t wait to try it.

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3 Comments for “Nuviz: Heads-Up Display for Helmets”

  1. Russell Walker says:

    I Like it!!

  2. Andy-TwoSlow says:

    agree. Form factor will only continue to get smaller as batteries and electronics advance. Besides, what do I do with a Skully after the recommended helmet-life expires?

  3. Patryk1098 says:

    I don’t like the idea of a weight difference on my helmet -and I dislike even more a weight and wind deflection difference on my helmet at speed. It also doesn’t seem all that small. I’d expect it to be smaller, actually. Seems like the battery pack is the bulk for the helmet unit -which makes me think it’ll have some weight to it.