Film: Out of Nothing

The magic of Bonneville Salt Flats and land speed racing there is mentioned often around these parts. During my 2012 trip to the BUB speed trials and Bonneville, I had the good fortune to meet a very talented photographer and videographer, Chad DeRosa. He and I both had the same mission- capture the magic of the salt flats and Sodium Distortion race team. Our end vision however was very different- he was filming for “Out of Nothing,” an epic tale of four men forging land speed records. 

While I bounced around the vast pits of the salt flats taking photos of this and that, Chad clearly had a mission and was relentless in his efforts. The word committed certainly comes to mind. 

Chad even got his hands on a plane and pilot to get some really outstanding footage from a different perspective. Below, Finn gets low to capture some footage of Mark Bjorklund passing by on the Ducati Salt Racer while DeRosa films from the plane.

After seeing some of this from a behind the scenes perspective, I can only say that this HAS to be an amazing film. So many great perspectives to be seen while you witness the Sodium Distortion Racing team nail down some Land Speed World Records. 

Watch the Out of Nothing trailer on youtube, or below. 

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